Observatory of Psychology - Uruguay

The Observatory of Psychology of Uruguay is a synergistic project, of convergence and training, where there are several approaches to research and researchers, with the aim to develop research in relationship to the profession, professional psychologists (their practices, their areas of insertion, professional development, etc.) and its relationship to the disciplinary developments, opening a chapter in the psychology of the country that enables the investigation of large populations.

The Observatory is one of the developments of the Information System of Faculty of Psychology and obtain your academic anchorage, in the dialog and encounter with differents institutional inscriptions of Faculty of Psychology, others universitary services or other universities recognised scopes and linked with the Universidad de la República.


General Objective

  • Implement a Observatory of Psychology, that fostering areas of research in relation to the profession and professional psychologists and its relationship with the disciplinary developments.

Objectives Specific

  • Providing a space for convergence of research groups and researchers in relation to the subject of the Observatory:
    - Coordinate research to develop comparative studies in Psychology
    - Articulate research in prospective studies of Psychology
    - Create a Program of Graduate Tracking
    - Generate a program of studies of professional psychologists practices in various fields
  • Develop a web platform reference of the profession for the country and the region


  El 72,8 % de las/os psicólogas/os reside en Montevideo, mientras que el 27,2 lo hace en el interior
El 85,1 % de las/os psicólogas/os son mujeres
Nueve de cada diez graduados en Uruguay censados, lo hicieron en la Udelar