1st National Census of Psychology

The 1st National Census of Psychology was a joint initiative of the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) and the Faculty of Psychology at the University of the Republic (FP-UR), and its main purpose have been to know the social and labor realities of psychologists in the Uruguay, as well as their training paths.

It was declared of National Interest by the Presidency of the Republic and of Ministerial Interest in the portfolios of Health, Education and Culture, Social Development, Labor and Social Security, Industry, Energy and Mining and Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries; and he had the support of the Coordinator of Psychologists of Uruguay and the Faculty of Psychology at the Catholic University of Uruguay.

General Objective

  • Provide updated information on the situation and social labor characteristics of psychologists in Uruguay.

Objectives Specific

  • Characterize the population in socio-demographic terms
  • Knowing the current employment situation of the psychologists
  • Investigate the requirements and conducting continuing education and postgraduate
  • Create a contact database updated, incorporating as many ways possible contact
  • Create a space research and monitoring of Psychology in Uruguay (Observatory of Psychology)


  El 72,8 % de las/os psicólogas/os reside en Montevideo, mientras que el 27,2 lo hace en el interior
El 85,1 % de las/os psicólogas/os son mujeres
Nueve de cada diez graduados en Uruguay censados, lo hicieron en la Udelar